Fate of the nations

1 A pronouncement. The LORD's word is against the land of Hadrach, and Damascus is its resting place, for the city of Aram and all the tribes of Israel belong to the LORD.
2 Hamath also borders on it. Tyre and Sidon, indeed, each is exceedingly wise.
3 Tyre built a fortress for herself. She piled up silver like dust and gold like mud in the streets,
4 but the LORD will take her possessions away and knock her wealth into the sea. She will be devoured with fire.
5 Ashkelon will look and be afraid. Gaza will writhe in agony, and also Ekron, because her hope has dried up. The king will perish from Gaza; Ashkelon won't be inhabited.
6 An illegitimate child will dwell in Ashdod; I will eliminate the pride of the Philistines.
7 I will remove bloody food from his mouth and pieces of unclean food from between his teeth. He will be a survivor who belongs to our God. He will be like a chieftain in Judah; Ekron will be like a Jebusite.
8 I will encamp before my house as a guard against anyone departing or returning. A slave driver will no longer pass through against them, for I have seen you with my eyes.