This chapter treats of the conversion of the Gentiles, before spoken of
in general, now particularly named; of the coming of Christ into the
world, and the advantages of it to his church; of the preaching of the
Gospel by the apostles, and of their protection, encouragement, and
success. The Gentiles converted are first the Syrians that dwelt in
Hadrach, Damascus, and Hamath, the Lord's eye being upon them,
\\#Zec 9:1\\ next the Phoenicians, the inhabitants of Tyre and Zidon,
who had a vain opinion of their wisdom, and trusted in their riches,
\\#Zec 9:2-4\\ and then the Philistines, the inhabitants of Ashkelon,
Gaza, Ekron, and Ashdod, guilty of pride, murder, idolatry, and other
abominations, \\#Zec 9:5-7\\ when the church and people of God should
be safely protected, \\#Zec 9:8\\ to whom, for their joy and comfort,
is given forth a prophecy concerning the coming of the Messiah; who is
described by his character as a King, just, having salvation, lowly,
and riding on an ass; by the peaceableness of his kingdom; by the
various offices he executes; the prophetic office, speaking peace to
the Heathen; the kingly office, his dominion being very large; and his
priestly office, in the effusion of his blood, by which the covenant is
confirmed, his people delivered out of distress, and encouraged to flee
to him as their stronghold, where they find plenty and protection,
\\#Zec 9:9-12\\ next the apostles are represented as military men,
accoutered with the bow and the sword of the mighty, \\#Zec 9:13\\
whose success is owing to the Lord's appearance over them, and the
efficacy of his grace and Spirit attending the word, \\#Zec 9:14\\ who
are protected and encouraged in it by the Lord, and honoured on account
of it, \\#Zec 9:15,16\\ and the chapter is concluded with an exclamation,
wondering at the grace and glory of Christ, and expressing the
satisfying provisions of his house, \\#Zec 9:17\\.