Isaiah 14:22-32 CEBA

22 I will arise against them, says the LORD of heavenly forces. I will cut off Babylon's renown and remnant, offshoot and offspring.
23 I will make it the home of herons, a swampland. I will sweep it away with the broom of destruction, says the LORD of heavenly forces.

Promise for oppressed Judah

24 The LORD of heavenly forces has promised: As I intended, so it will be; and as I have planned, so it will happen:

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      25 I will break Assyria in my land; on my mountains I will trample it and remove its yoke from my people;a his burden will be taken from their shoulders.

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        • “ 14:25 - Or <i>them</i>
          26 This is the plan that has been made for all the earth; this is the hand extended over all the nations.
          27 The LORD of heavenly forces has created a plan; who can stop it? God's hand is extended; who will stop it?

          An oracle concerning the Philistines

          28 This oracle came in the year of King Ahaz's death:

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              29 Don't rejoice, all you Philistines, that the rod that struck you is broken, because from the snake's root a viper will grow, and it will produce a winged creature.
              30 The oldest offspring of the poor will graze; their needy will lie down secure. But he will starve your offspring to death, and murder all who remain.
              31 Wail, gate! Cry out, city! Melt in terror, all you Philistines! Smoke is coming from the north; there is no straggler in its ranks.b

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                • ” 14:31 - Heb uncertain
                  32 What will one say to that nation's messengers? The LORD has founded Zion; the oppressed among God's people will find refuge there.