Isaiah 59:9-14 CEBA

Injustice obscures vision

9 Because of all this, justice is far from us, and righteousness beyond our reach. We expect light, and there is darkness; we await a gleam of light, but walk about in gloom.

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      10 We grope along the wall like the blind; like those without eyes we grope. We stumble at noonday as if it were twilight, and among the strong as if we were dying.
      11 All of us growl like bears, and like doves we moan. We expect justice, but there is none; we await salvation, but it is far from us.
      12 Our rebellions are numerous in your presence; our sins testify against us. Our rebellions are with us; we're aware of our guilt:
      13 defying and denying the LORD, turning away from our God, planning oppression and revolt, muttering lying words conceived in our minds.
      14 Justice is pushed aside; righteousness stands far off, because truth has stumbled in the public square, and honesty can't enter.