As the former chapter declares the hypocrisy and formality of professors
of religion; this expresses the errors and heresies, immorality and
profaneness, which shall prevail before the spiritual reign of Christ,
or the latter day glory begins; which is so fully described in the next
chapter. Reasons are given of God's withdrawing his presence from a
professing people, which were not want of power and readiness in him,
but their own sins and transgressions, \\#Isa 59:1,2\\ which are enumerated,
such as murder, rapine, lies \\#Isa 59:3-8\\ for which the judgments of
God were upon them, darkness, distress, and misery, of which they were
sensible, \\#Isa 59:9-11\\ and confess their sins and transgressions,
\\#Isa 59:12,13\\ and lament their wretched state and condition, which was
displeasing to God, \\#Isa 59:14,15\\ who is represented as appearing for
their salvation; moved to it by their want of help, and the oppression
of their enemies, in which he shows his power, justice, zeal, grace, and
goodness, \\#Isa 59:16-18\\ the consequence of which shall be the conversion
and salvation of many, owing to the efficacy of the divine Spirit, and
to the spiritual coming of the Redeemer, \\#Isa 59:19,20\\, and the chapter
is closed with a promise of the continuance of the Spirit of God, and
the Gospel of Christ in his church, unto the end of the world,
\\#Isa 59:21\\.