Job 9:11-19 CEBA

A mismatch

11 If God goes by me, I can't see him; he glides past, and I can't perceive him.

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      12 If he seizes, who can bring back? Who can say to him, "What are you doing?"
      13 God won't retract his anger; the helpers of Rahab bow beneath him.
      14 Yet I myself will answer him; I'll choose my words in a contesta with him.

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        • € 9:14 - Heb lacks <i>in a contest.</i>
          15 Even if I'm innocent, I can't answer; I must plead for justice.
          16 If I were to call and he answered me, I couldn't believe that he heard my voice.
          17 Who bruises me with a tempest and multiplies my wounds for no reason?
          18 He doesn't let me catch my breath, for he fills me with bitterness.
          19 If the issue is strength—behold power! If justice—who calls God to meet me?