Leviticus 4:1-6 CEBA

The purification offering

1 The LORD said to Moses,

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      2 Say to the Israelites: Do the following whenever someone sins unintentionally against any of the LORD's commands, doing something that shouldn't be done:
      3 If it is the anointed priest who has sinned, making the people guilty of sin, he must present to the LORD a flawless bull from the herd as a purification offeringa for the sin he has committed.

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        • e 4:3 - Or <i>sin offering </i>(Heb <i>hatta’t, </i>which recurs frequently in Leviticus)
          4 He will bring the bull before the LORD at the entrance to the meeting tent and press his hand on the bull's head. Then he will slaughter the bull before the LORD.
          5 The anointed priest will take some of the bull's blood and take it into the meeting tent.
          6 The priest will dip his finger into the blood and sprinkle some of it seven times before the LORD, toward the sanctuary's inner curtain.