Psalm 74:14-23 CEBA

14 You crushed Leviathan's heads. You gave it to the desert dwellers for food!
15 You split open springs and streams; you made strong-flowing rivers dry right up.
16 The day belongs to you! The night too! You established both the moon and the sun.
17 You set all the boundaries of the earth in place. Summer and winter? You made them!
18 So remember this, LORD: how enemies have insulted you, how unbelieving fools have abused your name.
19 Don't deliver the life of your dove to wild animals! Don't forget the lives of your afflicted people forever!
20 Consider the covenant! Because the land's dark places are full of violence.
21 Don't let the oppressed live in shame. No, let the poor and needy praise your name!
22 God, rise up! Make your case! Remember how unbelieving fools insult you all day long.
23 Don't forget the voices of your enemies, the racket of your adversaries that never quits.