1 After we had torn ourselves away from the Ephesian elders, we set sail and made a straight run to Cos. The next day we went to Rhodes, and from there to Patara.
2 On finding a ship that was crossing over to Phoenicia, we embarked and set sail.
3 After sighting Cyprus, we passed it on the left, sailed to Syria and landed at Tzor, because that was where the ship was unloading its cargo.
4 Having searched out the talmidim there, we remained for a week. Guided by the Spirit, they told Sha'ul not to go up to Yerushalayim;
5 but when the week was over, we left to continue our journey. All of them, with their wives and children, accompanied us until we were outside the town. Kneeling on the beach and praying,
6 we said good-bye to each other. Then we boarded the ship, and they returned home.
7 When the voyage from Tzor was over, we arrived at Ptolemais. There we greeted the brothers and stayed with them overnight.
8 The following day, we left and came to Caesarea, where we went to the home of Philip the proclaimer of the Good News, one of the Seven, and stayed with him.
9 He had four unmarried daughters with the gift of prophecy.
10 While we were staying there, a prophet named Agav came down from Y'hudah
11 to visit us. He took Sha'ul's belt, tied up his own hands and feet and said, "Here is what the Ruach HaKodesh says: the man who owns this belt - the Judeans in Yerushalayim will tie him up just like this and hand him over to the Goyim."
12 When we heard this, both we and the people there begged him not to go up to Yerushalayim;
13 but Sha'ul answered, "What are you doing, crying and trying to weaken my resolve? I am prepared not only to be tied up, but even to die in Yerushalayim for the name of the Lord Yeshua."
14 And when he would not be convinced, we said, "May the Lord's will be done," and kept quiet.
15 So at the end of our stay, we packed and went up to Yerushalayim;
16 and with us went some of the talmidim from Caesarea. They brought us to the home of the man with whom we were to stay, Mnason from Cyprus, who had been a talmid since the early days.
17 In Yerushalayim, the brothers received us warmly.
18 The next day Sha'ul and the rest of us went in to Ya'akov, and all the elders were present.