8 But Dani'el resolved that he would not defile himself with the king's food or the wine he drank, so he asked the chief officer to be excused from defiling himself.
9 God caused the chief officer to be kind and sympathetic toward Dani'el;
10 however, the chief officer said to Dani'el, "I'm afraid of my lord the king. After all, he has given you an allowance of food and drink; so if he were to see you boys looking worse than the others your age, you would be putting my own head in danger from the king."
11 Then Dani'el said to the guard whom the chief officer had put in charge of Dani'el, Hananyah, Misha'el and 'Azaryah,
12 "Please! Try an experiment on your servants - for ten days have them give us only vegetables to eat and water to drink.
13 Then see how we look, and compare us with how the boys who eat the king's food look; and deal with your servants according to what you see."
14 He agreed to do what they had asked and gave them a ten-day test.
15 At the end of ten days they looked better and more robust than all the boys who were eating the king's food.
16 So the guard took away their food and the wine they were supposed to drink, and gave them vegetables.