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1 Samuel 14:49

1 Samuel 14:49

And the sons of Saul were Jonathan
Who seems to be his firstborn, of whom, his valour and success, we read in this and the preceding chapter:

and Ishui;
the same with Abinadab, ( 1 Chronicles 8:33 ) ( 9:39 ) for he had two names:

and Melchishua;
and besides these three there was another, whose name was Ishbosheth, sometimes called Eshbaal, ( 2 Samuel 2:8 ) ( 1 Chronicles 8:33 ) who succeeded him in the kingdom; for which reason Abarbinel thinks he is not mentioned here, because he was a king; though it is generally supposed the reason why these only are named is, because they went out to war with him, and died with him, but this did not; he had other children by a concubine, or secondary wife, whose name was Rizpah, not mentioned here, ( 2 Samuel 21:8 ) ,

and the names of his two daughters were these, the name of the
firstborn Merab;
who was afterwards married to Adriel the Meholathite, ( 1 Samuel 18:19 ) and the name of the younger Michal; who became the wife of David, ( 1 Samuel 18:27 ) .