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Exodus 35:26

Exodus 35:26

And all the women whose heart stirred them up in wisdom,
&c.] To be ingenious in their business, and to study to do it in a curious manner, and to do that which others could not:

spun goats' [hair];
some join the phrase, "in wisdom", in the preceding clause with this, neglecting the accent "Athnach", which divides them, thus, "in wisdom spun goats' hair"; and which, without being separated from the preceding clause, may be understood and repeated in this: for, as Aben Ezra says, to spin goats' hair was an art that required excellent wisdom; and so Jarchi: in the eastern countries there is a sort of goats' hair very bright and fine, and hangs to the ground, and the beauty of it is equal almost to that of silk, and is never sheared, but combed off, and the women of the country spin it; and at this day a great trade is driven with it at Angora and Aleppo F3.


F3 Calmet in the word "Hair".