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Job 41:10

Job 41:10

None [is so] fierce that dare stir him up
This seems best to agree with the crocodile, who frequently lies down and sleeps on the ground F17, and in the water by night F18; see ( Ezekiel 29:3 ) ; when it is very dangerous to arouse him; and few, if any so daring, have courage enough to do it: though whales have been seen lying near shore asleep, and looked like rocks, even forty of them together F19;

who then is able to stand before me?
This is the inference the Lord draws from hence, or the use he makes of it; that if this creature is so formidable and terrible, that it is dangerous to arouse and provoke him, and there is no standing before him or against him; then how should anyone be able to stand before the Lord, who made this creature, whenever he is angry? see ( Psalms 76:7 ) .


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