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Leviticus 7:10

Leviticus 7:10

And every meat offering mingled with oil, and dry
Rather it should be rendered "or dry" F3; that is, as Jarchi interprets it, that has no oil in it; the meat offering in common, let it be dressed in what way soever, was mingled with oil; but in the poor man's offering for sin, which was as a meat offering, no oil was to be put upon it, ( Leviticus 5:11 ) but whether the offering was with or without oil, moist or dry, it

shall all the sons of Aaron have, one [as much] as another;
it was to be equally divided among them; or a priest offering it at one time, was to have the same as another priest at another time; it was always alike, all that remained, except the handful that was burnt, was the priest's.


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