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Luke 1:27

Luke 1:27

To a virgin
A pure virgin, that never knew man; (See Gill on Luke 1:34) and yet

espoused to a man whose name was Joseph;
but they were not come together, nor had he taken her for his wife, and home to his house, nor had they cohabited:

of the house of David;
which, according to the grammatical construction of the words, may be connected either with the virgin, or with Joseph, to whom she was espoused; and is true of both; for they both were of the house and lineage of David: and this shows what a low condition David's family was in, that the persons that were the nearest allied to it were a carpenter, and a poor virgin; and both residing in so despicable a place as Nazareth in Galilee:

and the virgin's name was Mary;
a name frequent among the Jews, and the same with Miriam; of which name was the sister of Moses and Aaron.

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