Luke 1:28

Luke 1:28

And the angel came in unto her
Into her house, and into the room where she was:

and said, hail;
all health, happiness, and prosperity attend thee; ( Matthew 28:9 )

thou art highly favoured;
or graciously accepted, or hast obtained grace; not referring to electing, redeeming; justifying, pardoning, adopting, and sanctifying grace, which she had in common with other saints; but to that special and particular favour, in being chosen and singled out from all other women, to be the mother of the Messiah:

the Lord is with thee;
so the angel to Gideon, ( Judges 6:12 ) or "be with thee", an usual form of salutation among the Jews; ( Ruth 2:4 )

thou art blessed among women;
and will be pronounced so by other women, as she was by Elisabeth, ( Luke 1:42 ) and by another woman, ( Luke 11:27 ) .