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Luke 7:34

Luke 7:34

The son of man is come eating and drinking
That is, eating bread and drinking wine, as other people do; and shuns no man's company, goes to a wedding, dines with a Pharisee, and eats with publicans and sinners, and carries it freely and courteously to all men:

and ye say, behold a gluttonous man and a wine bibber;
an epicurian, a drunkard, a mere sot, one that gives up himself to sensual pleasures:

a friend of publicans and sinners;
a good fellow, a boon companion, that sits with them, and encourages them in their revellings and drunkenness: such an ill use did the Jews make of our Lord's free, harmless, and innocent conversation with men; and in such a horrid manner did they traduce and vilify him, who was holy in his nature, harmless in his life, separate from sinners, knew no sin, nor ever committed any.

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