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Philippians 4:18

Philippians 4:18

But I have all things, and abound
Or "I have received all things", as the Syriac version renders it; all that they had sent by Epaphroditus; and for which he now gives a receipt; and by virtue of which he now abounded; and which abundance of his was not so much owing to the largeness of their presents, as to the peace of his mind; looking upon this gift of theirs, though it might be but small in itself, a fulness to him; for he adds,

I am full;
as much as he desired, he wanted no more, he had enough:

having received of Epaphroditus the things [which were sent] from you:
and which he acknowledged, that the character of this good man might stand clear, who had been intrusted with this affair:

an odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, well pleasing to
this is said in allusion to the sacrifices under the former dispensation, in which God smelled a sweet savour, ( Genesis 8:21 ) , in reference to which, as the sacrifice of Christ is said to be of a sweet smelling savour, ( Ephesians 5:2 ) , and as the spiritual sacrifices of the saints, as praises and prayers, are called odours, ( Revelation 5:8 ) , and are said to be acceptable unto God, ( 1 Peter 2:5 ) ; so acts of beneficence are called sacrifices, with which he is well pleased, ( Hebrews 13:16 ) .

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