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Psalms 119:69

Psalms 119:69

The proud have forged a lie against me
Or, "sewed a lie to him" F18; fastened a lie upon him, or sewed and added one lie to another. Either with respect to politics, as the proud and haughty courtiers of Saul, who represented David to him as a traitor, that had treasonable designs against him to take away his life, and seize his crown and kingdom, ( 1 Samuel 24:9 ) ; or with respect to religion; so some proud scornful men, that derided him for his piety, and scoffed at his seriousness, gave out that it was all grimace and hypocrisy; raised calumnies upon him, and laid things to his charge he knew nothing of; and which were all lies, forged out of their own brains, and artfully and purposely put together to blacken his character, and lessen his esteem among men: and it is no unusual thing for wicked men to speak all manner of evil falsely against the people of God;

[but] I will keep thy precepts with [my] whole heart;
observe the commands of God sincerely, heartily, and affectionately, and not in show and appearance only; and so make it evident that it was a lie that was forged against him; and this is the best way of answering such liars and defamers; see ( 1 Peter 3:16 ) .


F18 (wlpj) "consuerunt", Tigurine version; "assuerunt", Muis.