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Psalms 128:6

Psalms 128:6

Yea, thou shall see thy children's children
A numerous race of descendants from him, which are the crown and glory of old men, ( Proverbs 17:6 ) ; this is also true of Christ's spiritual children by his church in successive ages, ( Isaiah 59:21 ) ;

[and] peace upon Israel:
all kind of prosperity, temporal and spiritual; peace, and abundance of it; as will be in the latter day, in the spiritual reign of Christ, ( Psalms 72:8 ) . It may be considered as a wish or prayer, with which the psalm is concluded; let "peace be upon Israel" F1, as in ( Psalms 125:5 ) ; see ( Galatians 6:16 ) .


F1 (larvy le Mwlv) "pax sit super Israele", Cocceius; so Gejerus.