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Psalms 50:17

Psalms 50:17

Seeing thou hatest instruction
Or "correction" F26; to be reproved or reformed by the statutes and covenant they declared to others; they taught others, but not themselves, ( Romans 2:21-23 ) ; or evangelical instruction, the doctrines of grace, and of Christ; for, as concerning the Gospel, they were enemies, ( Romans 11:28 ) ; and since they were haters of that, they ought not to have been teachers of others;

and castest my words behind thee;
the doctrines of the Gospel, which they despised and rejected with the utmost abhorrence, as loathsome, and not fit to be looked upon and into; and also the ordinances of it, the counsel of God, which they rejected against themselves, ( Acts 13:45 Acts 13:46 ) ( Luke 7:30 ) .


F26 (dowm) "correctionem", Vatablus; "correptionem", Gejerus.