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Psalms 68:8

Psalms 68:8

The earth shook
Not only about Sinai, but in other places; see ( Psalms 114:1 Psalms 114:4 Psalms 114:6 Psalms 114:7 ) ( Habakkuk 3:6 Habakkuk 3:10 ) . It may also design the dread and trembling of the inhabitants of the earth, when they heard of the wonderful things God did for his people, ( Exodus 15:14-16 ) ;

the heavens also dropped at the presence of God;
the Targum supplies, dew; to which may be added, quails and manna: though it rather seems to design a large shower of rain, which followed the lightning and thunder, when the law was given;

[even] Sinai itself [was moved] at the presence of God, the God of
it is said to quake greatly, ( Exodus 19:18 ) . The words of this verse and ( Psalms 68:7 ) seem to be borrowed out of the song of Deborah, ( Judges 5:4 Judges 5:5 ) . Like effects followed the promulgation of the Gospel, even a shaking of the heavens and of the earth as an emblem of the removing of the ceremonial rites and Mosaic ordinances. Let it be observed, that Christ, who went before the Israelites in the wilderness, and whom they tempted and rebelled against, is called the God of Israel.

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