1 John 4:12

No one hath beheld God at any time (qeon oudei pwpote teqeatai). Perfect middle indicative of qeaomai ( John 1:14 ). Almost the very words of John 1:18 qeon oudei pwpote ewraken (instead of teqeatai). If we love one another (ean agapwmen allhlou). Third-class condition with ean and the present active subjunctive, "if we keep on loving one another." God abideth in us (o qeo en hmin menei). Else we cannot go on loving one another. His love (h agaph autou). More than merely subjective or objective ( John 2:5 ; John 4:9 ). "Mutual love is a sign of the indwelling of God in men" (Brooke). Is perfected (teteleiwmenh estin). Periphrastic (see usual form teteleiwtai in John 2:5 ; John 4:17 ) perfect passive indicative of teleiow (cf. John 1:4 ). See verse John 18 for "perfect love."