1 Thessalonians 4:9

Concerning love of the brethren (peri th piladelpia). Late word, love of brothers or sisters. In profane Greek (one papyrus example) and LXX the word means love of those actually kin by blood, but in the N.T. it is the kinship in the love of Christ as here. Are taught by God (qeodidaktoi este). Only here and ecclesiastical writers. Passive verbal adjective in -to from didaskw as if qeo- in ablative case like didaktoi qeou ( John 6:45 ). To love one another (ei to agapain allhlou). Another example of ei to and the infinitive. Only those taught of God keep on loving one another, love neighbours and even enemies as Jesus taught ( Matthew 5:44 ). Note the use of agapaw, not pilew.