1 Timothy 6:2

Let not despise them (mh kataproneitwsan). Negative imperative active third plural of katapronew, to think down on. See Romans 4:12 . He must not presume on the equality of Christian brotherhood not allowed by the state's laws. Some of these Christian slaves might be pastors of churches to which the master belonged. For the difficulty of the Christian master's position, see 1 Corinthians 7:22 ; Philemon 1:16 . But rather (alla mallon). Render the Christian Master better service. They that partake of the benefit (oi th energesia antilambanomenoi). For euergesia (genitive case after participle) see Acts 4:9 , only other N.T. example of this old word. Present middle participle of antilambanw, old verb, to take in turn, to lay fast hold of, in N.T. only here, Luke 1:54 ; Acts 20:35 .