1 Timothy 6:1

Under the yoke (upo zugon). As slaves (douloi, bondsmen). Perhaps under heathen masters ( 1 Peter 2:18 ). For the slave problem, see also Philemon 1:1 ; Colossians 3:22 ; Ephesians 6:5 ; Titus 2:9 . See Matthew 11:29 for Christ's "yoke" (zugon, from zeugnumi, to join). Their own masters (tou idiou despota). That is always where the shoe pinches. Our "despot" is this very Greek word, the strict correlative of slave (doulo), while kurio has a wider outlook. Old word only here, Titus 2:9 ; 2 Timothy 2:21 ; 1 Peter 2:18 for human masters. Applied to God in Luke 2:29 ; Acts 4:24 Acts 4:29 and to Christ in 2 Peter 2:1 . The name of God (to onoma tou qeou). See Romans 2:24 . If the heathen could say that Christian slaves were not as dependable as non-Christian slaves. Negative purpose with ina mh and present passive subjunctive (blasphmhtai).