2 John 1:8

Look to yourselves (blepete eautou). Imperative active with reflexive pronoun as in Mark 13:9 . The verb often used absolutely ( Philippians 3:2 ) like our "look out." That ye lose not (ina mh apoleshte). Negative purpose with ina mh and first aorist active subjunctive of apollumi. This is the correct text (B), not apoleswmen (we). Likewise apolabhte (that ye receive), not apolabwmen (we). Which we have wrought (a hrgasameqa). This is also correct, first aorist middle indicative of ergazomai, to work ( John 6:27 ). John does not wish his labour to be lost. See Romans 1:27 for this use of apolambanw for receiving. See John 4:36 for misqo in the harvest. The "full reward" (misqon plhrh) is the full day's wages which each worker will get ( 1 Corinthians 3:8 ). John is anxious that they shall hold on with him to the finish.