2 John 1:9

Whosoever goeth onward (pa o proagwn). "Every one who goes ahead. Proagw literally means to go on before ( Mark 11:9 ). That in itself is often the thing to do, but here the bad sense comes out by the parallel clause. And abideth not in the teaching of Christ (kai mh menwn en th didach tou Cristou). Not the teaching about Christ, but that of Christ which is the standard of Christian teaching as the walk of Christ is the standard for the Christian's walk ( 1 John 2:6 ). See John 7:16 ; John 18:19 . These Gnostics claimed to be the progressives, the advanced thinkers, and were anxious to relegate Christ to the past in their onward march. This struggle goes on always among those who approach the study of Christ. Is he a "landmark" merely or is he our goal and pattern? Progress we all desire, but progress toward Christ, not away from him. Reactionary obscurantists wish no progress toward Christ, but desire to stop and camp where they are. "True progress includes the past" (Westcott). Jesus Christ is still ahead of us all calling us to come on to him.