Hebrews 3:11

As I sware (w wmosa). "Correlating the oath and the disobedience" (Vincent). First aorist active indicative of omnuw, old verb for solemn oath ( Deuteronomy 6:13 ). They shall not enter (ei eiseleusontai). Future middle of eisercomai with ei as an anacoluthon for the Hebrew im (not). Really it is a condition of the first class with the conclusion not expressed, common in the LXX as here (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1024). Into my rest (ei thn katapausin mou). Old word from katapauw ( Hebrews 4:8 ), to give rest, in LXX, in N.T. only in Acts 7:49 ; Hebrews 3:11-4:11 . Primarily the rest in Canaan and then the heavenly rest in which God dwells.