Revelation 17:10

Seven kings (basilei epta). This is another change in the symbolism. The identification of these seven kings is one of the puzzles of the book. The five are fallen (oi pente epesan). Second aorist active indicative of piptw with the -an ending. Common for the downfall of kings ( Ezekiel 29:5 ; Ezekiel 30:6 ; Isaiah 21:9 , etc.). See 2 Samuel 3:38 . The one is (o ei estin). The one when this vision is dated. The other is not yet come (o allo oupw hlqen). Prophetic second aorist active of ercomai. Charles takes this as the date of this "source" or part of the Apocalypse. But John could himself have used this language in the time of Domitian even if he was the one who had not yet come. The difficulty about counting these emperors is that Galba, Otho, Vitellius reigned so briefly that they hardly merit being included. When he cometh (otan elqh). Indefinite temporal clause for the future, with otan and the second aorist active subjunctive of ercomai, "whenever he comes." He must continue a little while (oligon auton dei meinai). Swete takes this to be Titus, who died September 13, 81, after a short reign.