Revelation 17:11

Is himself also an eighth and is of the seven (kai auto ogdoo kai ek twn epta). This is the angel's interpretation and it looks like a reference to Domitian as the eighth, who is regarded as one of the seven because he was considered a second Nero (Nero redivivus). For ek twn epta see Acts 21:8 . John may have used ek twn instead of ei ek twn to avoid absolute identity between Domitian and Nero (Beckwith). And he goeth unto perdition (kai ei apwleian upagei). As in verse Acts 8 . "Domitian was assassinated (September 18, 96), after a terrible struggle with his murderers. The tyrant's end was a symbol of the end to which the Beast which he personated was hastening" (Swete). Cf. Acts 19:11-21 .