Revelation 18:22

The voice (pwnh). Cf. Ezekiel 26:13 . Or "sound" as in 1 Corinthians 14:8 with salpigx (trumpet). For this song of judgment see Jeremiah 25:10 . Of harpers (kiqarwidwn). Old word (from kiqara, harp, and wido, singer) as in Revelation 14:2 . Of minstrels (mousikwn). Old word (from mousa, music), here only in N.T., one playing on musical instruments. Of flute-players (aulhtwn). Old word (from aulew, to play on a flute, Matthew 11:17 , aulo, flute, 1 Corinthians 14:7 ), in N.T. only here and Matthew 9:23 . Of trumpeters (salpistwn). Late form for the earlier salpigkth (from salpizw), here only in N.T. Shall be heard no more at all (ou mh akousqh). First aorist passive subjunctive of akouw with the double negative as below, with pwnh mulou (sound of the millstone), and as in verse Matthew 21 with ou me eureqh and again with pa tecnith (craftsman). This old word is from tecnh, art, as here in some MSS. ("of whatsoever craft," pash tecnh). Tecnith occurs also in this sense in Acts 19:24 Acts 19:38 ; and in Hebrews 11:10 of God as the Architect. There is power in this four-fold sonorous repetition of ou mh and the subjunctive with two more examples in verse Hebrews 23 .