Revelation 18:23

Of a lamp (lucnou). Old word ( Matthew 5:15 ), again in Revelation 22:5 . Shall shine no more at all (ou mh panh). Fifth instance in these verses of ou mh with the aorist subjunctive, here the active of painw as in Revelation 8:12 . It is not known whether Rome had street lights or not. The voice of the bridegroom and of the bride (pwnh numpiou kai numph). See John 3:29 ; Jeremiah 7:34 ; Jeremiah 16:9 . "Even the occasional flash of the torches carried by bridal processions ( Matthew 25:1 ) is seen no more" (Swete). The sixth instance of ou mh, in verses Revelation 18:21-23 , occurs with akousqh (third instance of akousqh, two in verse Revelation 22 ). Were the princes of the earth (hsan oi megistane th gh). For megistan see Revelation 6:15 ; Mark 6:21 . "Thy merchants were the grandees" once, but now these merchant princes are gone. With thy sorcery (en th parmakiai sou). En (instrumental use) and the locative case of parmakia, old word (from parmakeuw, to prepare drugs, from parmakon, sorcery, Revelation 9:21 ), in N.T. only here and Galatians 5:20 for sorcery and magical arts. If one is puzzled over the connection between medicine and sorcery as illustrated by this word (our pharmacy), he has only to recall quackery today in medicine (patent medicines and cure-alls), witch-doctors, professional faith-healers, medicine-men in Africa. True medical science has had a hard fight to shake off chicanery and charlatanry. Were deceived (eplanhqhsan). First aorist passive indicative of planaw. These charlatans always find plenty of victims. See Mark 12:24 .