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2 Kings 19:3

Overview - 2 Kings 19
Hezekiah mourning, sends to Isaiah to pray for them.
Isaiah comforts them.
Sennacherib, going to encounter Tirhakah, sends a blasphemous letter to Hezekiah.
14 Hezekiah's prayer.
20 Isaiah's prophecy of the pride and destruction of Sennacherib, and the good of Zion.
35 An angel slays the Assyrians.
36 Sennacherib is slain by his own sons.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Kings 19:3  (King James Version)
And they said unto him, Thus saith Hezekiah, This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and blasphemy: for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth.

This day
18:29 Psalms 39:11 ; Psalms 123:3 Psalms 123:4 Jeremiah 30:5-7 ; Hosea 5:15 ; 6:1

or, provocation.
Psalms 95:8 ; Hebrews 3:15 Hebrews 3:16

for the children
Isaiah 26:17 Isaiah 26:18 ; 66:9 Hosea 13:13