Deuteronomy 9:18

Overview - Deuteronomy 9
Moses dissuades them from the opinion of their own righteousness, by rehearsing their several rebellions.
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Deuteronomy 9:18  (King James Version)
And I fell down before the LORD, as at the first, forty days and forty nights: I did neither eat bread, nor drink water, because of all your sins which ye sinned, in doing wickedly in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger.

I fell down
The transgressions of the people rendered this second forty days' fasting necessary to Moses. Their pardon was indeed in some sense obtained before he ascended the mount; yet probably much of the time which he spent there was employed in supplication: and when he descended the second time, with the tables of the law in his hands, the pardon was, as it were, ratified and sealed.
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