1 Chronicles 12:23-40 CSB

David's Soldiers in Hebron

23 The numbers of the armed troops who came to David at Hebron to turn Saul's kingdom over to him,a according to the Lord's word, were as follows:

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    • j 12:23 - 1 Ch 10:14; 1 Kg 2:15
      24 From the Judahites: 6,800 armed troops bearing shields and spears.
      25 From the Simeonites: 7,100 brave warriors ready for war.
      26 From the Levites: 4,600
      27 in addition to Jehoiada, leader of the house of Aaron, with 3,700 men;
      28 and Zadok, a young brave warrior, with 22 commanders from his own ancestral house.
      29 From the Benjaminites, the relatives of Saul: 3,000 (up to that time the majority of the Benjaminites maintained their allegiance to the house of Saul).
      30 From the Ephraimites: 20,800 brave warriors who were famous men in their ancestral houses.
      31 From half the tribe of Manasseh: 18,000 designated by name to come and make David king.
      32 From the Issacharites, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do: 200 chiefs with all their relatives under their command.
      33 From Zebulun: 50,000 who could serve in the army, trained for battle with all kinds of weapons of war, with singleness of purpose to help David.b

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        • k 12:33 - LXX; Hb omits David
          34 From Naphtali: 1,000 commanders accompanied by 37,000 men with shield and spear.
          35 From the Danites: 28,600 trained for battle.
          36 From Asher: 40,000 who could serve in the army, trained for battle.
          37 From across the Jordan-from the Reubenites, Gadites, and half the tribe of Manasseh: 120,000 men equipped with all the military weapons of war.
          38 All these warriors, lined up in battle formation, came to Hebron with wholehearted determination to make David king over all Israel. All the rest of Israel was also of one mind to make David king.
          39 They were there with David for three days, eating and drinking, for their relatives had provided for them.
          40 In addition, their neighbors from as far away as Issachar, Zebulun, and Naphtali came bringing food on donkeys, camels, mules, and oxen-abundant provisions of flour, fig cakes, raisins, wine and oil, oxen, and sheep. Indeed, there was joy in Israel.