This chapter gives an account of those that came to David at
different times, and joined and assisted him both before the death of
Saul, and when persecuted by him, and after he was made king of
Judah in Hebron, and before he was king of all Israel, in order to
it; of the Benjaminites that came to him when at Ziklag,
\\#1Ch 12:1-7\\ of the Gadites that came to him when in the hold,
\\#1Ch 12:8-15\\ of some of Judah and Benjamin, who came to him in the
same place, \\#1Ch 12:16-18\\, and of the Manassites at the time he
came with the Philistines against Saul, \\#1Ch 12:19-22\\ and the number
of the several tribes are given, that came to him at Hebron to make
him king over all Israel, \\#1Ch 12:23-40\\.