1 Chronicles 2:15-25 CSB

15 Ozem sixth, and David seventh.
16 Their sisters were Zeruiah and Abigail. Zeruiah's three sons: Abishai, Joab, and Asahel.
17 Amasa's mother was Abigail, and his father was Jether the Ishmaelite.
18 Caleb son of Hezron had children by [his] wife Azubah and by Jerioth. These were Azubah's sons: Jesher, Shobab, and Ardon.
19 When Azubah died, Caleb married Ephrath, and she bore him Hur.
20 Hur fathered Uri, and Uri fathered Bezalel.
21 After this, Hezron slept with the daughter of Machir the father of Gilead.a Hezron had married her when he was 60 years old, and she bore him Segub.

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      22 Segub fathered Jair, who possessed 23 towns in the land of Gilead.
      23 But Geshur and Aram capturedb Jair's Villagesc along with Kenath and its villages-60 towns. All these were the sons of Machir father of Gilead.

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        • h 2:23 - Lit took from them
        • i 2:23 - Or captured Havvoth-jair
          24 After Hezron's death in Caleb-ephrathah, his wife Abijah bore him Ashhur the father of Tekoa.
          25 The sons of Jerahmeel, Hezron's firstborn: Ram, his firstborn, Bunah, Oren, Ozem, and Ahijah.