This chapter begins with the twelve sons of Israel or Jacob,
\\#1Ch 2:1,2\\, then reckons the sons of Judah, the fourth son of Jacob,
\\#1Ch 2:3,4\\, then the posterity of Pharez and Zerah, sons of
Judah, \\#1Ch 2:5-8\\, next the sons of Hezron, a son of Pharez,
\\#1Ch 2:9\\, particularly the posterity of Ram, a son of Hezron,
from whom sprung Jesse and his family, \\#1Ch 2:10-17\\, then of
Caleb: another son of Hezron, \\#1Ch 2:18-24\\, and next of
Jerahmeel, the firstborn of Hezron, \\#1Ch 1:25-33\\ and
particularly the posterity of Sheshan, a descendant of his,
\\#1Ch 1:34-41\\ and then other sons of Caleb, with their posterity, are
reckoned, \\#1Ch 1:42-54\\ and the chapter is closed with the
families of the Scribes in Jabesh, the same with the Kenites,
\\#1Ch 2:55\\.

son of Isaac, who had the name of Israel given him, because of his
power with God, \\#Ge 32:28\\, whose twelve sons are here mentioned by
name; the first four according to their birth of Leah, Reuben, Simeon,
Levi, and Judah; then the two sons of Zilpah, Leah's handmaid,
Issachar and Zebulun; and between Dan and Naphtali, the sons of
Bilhah, Rachel's handmaid, are placed Joseph and Benjamin, the sons of