Acts 15:30-36 CSB

The Outcome of the Jerusalem Letter

30 Then, being sent off, they went down to Antioch, and after gathering the assembly, they delivered the letter.

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      31 When they read it, they rejoiced because of its encouragement.
      32 Both Judas and Silas, who were also prophets themselves, encouraged the brothers and strengthened them with a long message.
      33 After spending some time there, they were sent back in peace by the brothers to those who had sent them.a b

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        • i 15:33 - Other mss read the brothers to the apostles
        • j 15:33 - Other mss add v. 34: But Silas decided to stay there.
          35 But Paul and Barnabas, along with many others, remained in Antioch teaching and proclaiming the message of the Lord.

          Paul and Barnabas Part Company

          36 After some time had passed, Paul said to Barnabas, "Let's go back and visit the brothers in every town where we have preached the message of the Lord, and see how they're doing."

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