Acts 5:33-42 CSB

Gamaliel's Advice

33 When they heard this, they were enraged and wanted to kill them.

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      34 A Pharisee named Gamaliel, a teacher of the law who was respected by all the people, stood up in the Sanhedrin and ordered the mena to be taken outside for a little while.

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        • c 5:34 - Other mss read apostles
          35 He said to them, "Men of Israel, be careful about what you're going to do to these men.
          36 Not long ago Theudas rose up, claiming to be somebody, and a group of about 400 men rallied to him. He was killed, and all his partisans were dispersed and came to nothing.
          37 After this man, Judas the Galilean rose up in the days of the census and attracted a following.b That man also perished, and all his partisans were scattered.

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            • d 5:37 - Lit and drew people after him
              38 And now, I tell you, stay away from these men and leave them alone. For if this plan or this work is of men, it will be overthrown;
              39 but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You may even be found fighting against God." So they were persuaded by him.
              40 After they called in the apostles and had them flogged, they ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus and released them.
              41 Then they went out from the presence of the Sanhedrin, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to be dishonored on behalf of the name.c

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                • e 5:41 - Other mss add of Jesus, or of Christ
                  42 Every day in the temple complex, and in various homes, they continued teaching and proclaiming the good news that the Messiah is Jesus.d

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                    • f 5:42 - Or that Jesus is the Messiah