12 For which cause also I suffer these things; but I am not ashamed; for I know whom I have believed, a and am persuaded that he is able to keep for that day the deposit I have entrusted to him.

References for 2 Timothy 1:12

    • i 1:12 - Pisteuo, 'believe,' occurs in different constructions; with the dative, as here, it means, 'to believe a person or thing;' compare Matt. 21.25; John 5.24 and 47. Followed by eis with an accusative, as frequently in John, it is to believe on a person as an object of faith, as John 14.1 ('ye believe on God, believe also on me'). Followed by epi with an accusative, it goes on to the idea of confidence: I rest my faith on him, yet with a more general idea of looking to him with this confidence. It is only used thus six times, so far as I am aware: Acts 9.42; 11.17; 16.31; 22.19; Rom. 4.5,24. Followed by epi with a dative, it is used only in Luke 24.25, and in the three passages where Isa. 28.16 is quoted, Rom. 9.33; 10.11; 1Pet. 2.6, where it is confidence in, or reliance upon, a person or thing. Followed by en with a dative, it occurs more seldom, and refers to believing in the truth of a thing, receiving a statement as true, as Mark 1.15 ('believe in the glad tidings').