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Acts 9:15 DBY

15 And the Lord said to him, Go, for this [man] is an elect vessel to me, to bear my name before both nations and kings and [the] sons of Israel:

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  • a 9:2 - * The Christian way: see Mark 10.32,52; Acts 19.9,23; 22.4; 24.14,22.
  • b 9:3 - The word is used for a very brilliant apparition: see Luke 17.24, 'lightens;' 24.4, 'shining.' It is the same Greek root as 'lightning.'
  • c 9:4 - Phone, accusative; in ver. 7 genitive; in ch. 22.9,14 accusative; in ch. 22.7 genitive. The genitive is 'to listen to,' or when the voice of a rumour reaches. It is the fact or physical hearing. The accusative is that the thing heard is before the mind.
  • d 9:5 - The rest of ver. 5 and part of ver. 6, as in the A.V., is not found in the best manuscripts.
  • e 9:7 - Or 'sound.'
  • f 9:31 - Or 'assembly,' as many MSS.
  • g 9:31 - Or 'enjoyed peace ... and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, were multiplied.'
  • h 9:35 - 'Who also.' They did not merely witness the effect of power, but their seeing it acted on them.
  • i 9:36 - Meaning, 'a gazelle.'
  • j 9:42 - Epi: this goes on to the idea of confidence. I rest my faith on him, yet with the more general idea of looking to him with confidence. As in chs. 11.17; 16.31; 22.19; Rom. 4.5,24: see 2Tim. 1.12.