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Galatians 4:24 DBY

24 Which things have an allegorical sense; for these are two covenants: one from mount Sinai, gendering to bondage, which is Hagar.

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  • a 4:4 - Or 'born,' but the word (ginomai) means primarily 'to begin existence,' 'to become,' or 'to happen.'
  • b 4:5 - Or 'adoption.' It is receiving the position of sonship as a gift. 'Receive' has an active force here. Jew and Gentile received it as a gift from another, even freely from God; for the Jew was in bondage under law: the Gentile had right to nothing: see Rom. 8.15,23; 9.4; Eph. 1.5.
  • c 4:7 - God himself has made us heirs.
  • d 4:8 - As the Hebrew in 2Chron. 13.9, 'what is not God.'
  • e 4:13 - Dia, here meaning the state he was in, not going through and out, but staying within the time or space or limits. 'In weakness' characterized the manner of his coming to them.
  • f 4:14 - Lit. 'spit out.'
  • g 4:19 - Teknia, as John 13.33.
  • h 4:27 - See Isa. 54.1.
  • i 4:30 - See Gen. 21.10.
  • j 4:30 - 'Not at all;' 'in no wise;' a strong negative.
  • k 4:31 - Or 'bondmaid,' paidiske (as Acts 12.13). Though in practice the word amounted to the same as a bondmaid, yet the Greek root is essentially different from that of doulos, a bondman, or slave.