9 the which [is] an image for the present time, according to which both gifts and sacrifices, unable to perfect as to conscience him that worshipped, are offered,
References for Hebrews 9:9
    • e 9:9 - 'which is such as is.'
    • f 9:9 - The present time (ver. 9) is opposed to the time of setting things right (ver. 10). The tabernacle is in view in Hebrews, not the temple; but the fact that offerings were then still made is recognized in what follows. He could not call it 'the present age' (a Jewish term for the age preceding the Messiah), because Messiah was come and he had been crucified; but the carnal ordinances were still offered, so that for the Hebrews it was not 'the age to come.' The 'image' could be only for a present time on earth. The patterns were in the heavens.
    • g 9:9 - Latreuo. 'Worship' is perhaps too strong, but 'service' is equivocal. It is to approach a god with prayers, or in offering up a religious service: see ver. 6.