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John 15:2 DBY

2 [As to] every branch in me not bearing fruit, he takes it away; and [as to] every one bearing fruit, he purges it that it may bring forth more fruit.

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  • a 15:7 - Aiteo: see Note a, ch. 14.16.
  • b 15:8 - 'In this' refers to what follows: no one, I think, can be familiar with John's writings and doubt it. Thus the Father is glorified and they become disciples of his.
  • c 15:8 - Perhaps more exactly, 'In this will my Father have been glorified that ye have borne much fruit, and ye will have become,' &c.
  • d 15:15 - Para with gen.: see Note a, ch. 6.45.
  • e 15:18 - Or 'ye know;' objective knowledge.
  • f 15:20 - Doulos: see Note, Matt. 10.24.
  • g 15:25 - 'Gratuitously,' 'freely,' 'for nothing,' Ps. 35.19 and 69.4.
  • h 15:26 - Para with gen.: see Note d, ch. 1.14.