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Matthew 24:16 DBY

16 then let those who are in Judaea flee to the mountains;

Study tools for Matthew 24:16

  • a 24:1 - Hieron, the whole system of buildings.
  • b 24:10 - Or 'be stumbled:' see ch. 13.57.
  • c 24:12 - Or 'has been multiplied.'
  • d 24:12 - 'The mass,' but here that would tend to give the idea of the mass of the people, not professors: see Dan. 9.27, 'the many.'
  • e 24:15 - See Note b, Mark 13.14.
  • f 24:15 - 'Holy place' is without an article and characteristic. The Greek does not designate some particular place. I have inserted 'what is a' to generalize it.
  • g 24:15 - Or 'consider [it]:' see Mark 13.14, and Note c.
  • h 24:24 - 'If possible' gives the purpose of the deceivers; 'if it were possible' would be the judgment of the writer. It seems to me simpler to take it as in text. It still implies 'it is not possible.'
  • i 24:34 - A strengthened negative, 'in no wise,' 'not at all,' as in ver. 35.
  • j 24:43 - Lit. 'is coming.'