Micah 1:9-16 DBY

9 For her wounds are incurable; for it is come even unto Judah, it reacheth unto the gate of my people, even to Jerusalem.
10 Tell it not in Gath, weep not at all; a at Beth-le-aphrah b roll thyself in the dust.

References for Micah 1:10

    • b 1:10 - Or 'in Acco (i.e. 'weeping') weep not.' Vers. 10-15 are made up of paranomasia, see Isa. 5.7
    • c 1:10 - House of dust.
      11 Pass away, inhabitress of Shaphir, c in nakedness [and] shame. The inhabitress of Zaanan d is not come forth for the lamentation of Beth-ezel: e he will f take from you its shelter. g

      References for Micah 1:11

        • d 1:11 - Beautiful town.
        • e 1:11 - Coming forth, Josh. 15.37.
        • f 1:11 - Neighbouring house.
        • g 1:11 - Or '... forth; the lamentation of Beth-ezel will.'
        • h 1:11 - Or 'stay:' lit. 'standing [ground].'
          12 For the inhabitress of Maroth h waited anxiously for good; but evil hath come down from Jehovah unto the gate of Jerusalem.

          References for Micah 1:12

            • i 1:12 - Bitterness.
              13 Bind the chariot to the swift steed, O inhabitress of Lachish: she was the beginning of sin to the daughter of Zion; for in thee were found the transgressions of Israel.
              14 Therefore shalt thou give parting-gifts to Moresheth-Gath: i the houses of Achzib j shall be a lie to the kings of Israel.

              References for Micah 1:14

                • j 1:14 - Possession of Gath.
                • k 1:14 - Lying.
                  15 I will yet bring unto thee an heir, k O inhabitress of Mareshah; l the glory of Israel shall come even unto Adullam. m

                  References for Micah 1:15

                    • l 1:15 - Or, 'the possessor.'
                    • m 1:15 - Possession, inheritance.
                    • n 1:15 - Or 'Even unto Adullam (meaning 'retreat') shall he come, -- the glory of Israel.'
                      16 Make thee bald, and poll thee for the children of thy delights; enlarge thy baldness as the eagle, n for they are gone into captivity from thee.

                      References for Micah 1:16

                        • o 1:16 - Or 'vulture.'