Deuteronomy 11:26-32 NIV

26 See, I am setting before you today a blessing1 and a curse2--

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27 the blessing3 if you obey the commands of the LORD your God that I am giving you today;

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28 the curse if you disobey4 the commands of the LORD your God and turn from the way that I command you today by following other gods,5 which you have not known.

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29 When the LORD your God has brought you into the land you are entering to possess, you are to proclaim on Mount Gerizim6 the blessings, and on Mount Ebal7 the curses.8

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30 As you know, these mountains are across the Jordan, west of the road,a toward the setting sun, near the great trees of Moreh,9 in the territory of those Canaanites living in the Arabah in the vicinity of Gilgal.10

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    • c 11:30 - Or "Jordan, westward"
      31 You are about to cross the Jordan to enter and take possession11 of the land the LORD your God is giving12 you. When you have taken it over and are living there,

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      32 be sure that you obey all the decrees and laws I am setting before you today.