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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Gaal Gaash Gaba Gabael Gabatha Gabbai Gabba-i Gabbatha Gabbe Gabrias Gabriel Gad Gadara Gadarenes Gadarenes, Girgesenes, Gerasenes Gaddest Gaddi Gaddiel Gaddis Gadi Gadites Gadites, The Gad, The tribe of Gad, Valley Of Gaham Gahar Gai Gain Gainsay Gaius Galaad Gala-ad Galal Galatia Galatians Galatians, Epistle to Galatians, Epistle To The Galatians, Theology of Galbanum Galeed Gale-ed Galgala Galilean Galileans Galilee Galilee, Mountain In Galilee, Sea of Galilee, Sea Of Gall Gallant Gallery Galley Gallim Gallio Gallows Gamael Gamaliel Games Gammadim Gammadims Gamul Gangrene Gap Gape Gar Garden Gardener Garden-House Garden of Eden Gardens Garden, The King's Gareb Gareb, The hill Gareb, The Hill Of Garizim Garland Garlands Garlic Garment Garmite Garmites Garmite, The Garner Garnish Garrison Gas Gashmu Gatam Gate Gate, Corner, Fountain, Horse, Sur Gate, East Gate, The Beautiful Gate, Valley Gath Gather Gath-hepher Gath-Hepher Gath-hepher, or Gittah-hepher Gath-rimmon Gath-Rimmon Gaulanitis Gaulonitis Gauls Gaza Gazabar Gazara Gazathites Gazathites, The Gazelle Gazer Gazera Gazez Gazing-Stock Gazites Gazites, The Gazzam Geba Gebal Gebalites Geber Gebim Gecko Gedaliah Geddur Gedeon Geder Gederah Gederah; Gederathite Gederathite Gederathite, The Gederite Gederite, The Gederoth Gederothaim Gedor Ge-Harashim Gehazi Gehenna Geliloth Gem Gemalli Gemara Gemariah Gematria Gems Gender Genealogy Genealogy, 1-7 Genealogy, 8 Part 1 Genealogy, 8 Part 2 Genealogy of Jesus Christ Genealogy Of Jesus Christ, The General; Generally Generation Genesis Genesis, 1-2 Genesis, 3 Genesis, 4 Genesis, Theology of Gennaeus; Genneus Gennesaret Gennesareth Gennesaret, Lake Of Gennesaret, Land Of Gennesaret, Sea of Gentiles Gentiles, Court Of The Gentiles, Isles Of The Gentleness Genubath Geography Geology Of Palestine Geon Gephyrun Gera Gerah Gerar Gerasa; Gerasenes Gerasenes Gergesa Gergesenes Gerizim Gerizim, Mount Gerizites Geron Gerrenians Gershom Gershon Gershon; Gershonites Gershonites, The Gerson Geruth Chimham Gerzites Gesham Geshan Geshem Geshur Geshuri Geshurites Gesture Get; Getting Gether Gethsemane Gethsema-ne Geuel Gezer Gezrites Gezrites The Ghost Ghost, Holy Giah Giants Giants, Valley Of The Gibbar Gibbethon Gibea Gibe-a Gibeah Gibe-ah Gibeah-haaraloth Gibeah of Judah Gibeah of Phinehas Gibe-ath Gibeath Gibeathite Gibeon Gibeonites Gibeonites, The Giblites Giblites, The Giddalti Giddel Gideon Gideoni Gidom Gier eagle Gier-eagle Gier-Eagle Gift Gift Of Tongues Gifts Of Healing Gifts of the Holy Spirit Gifts, spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Gihon Gilalai Gilala-i Gilboa Gilboa, Mount Gilead Gile-ad Gilead, Balm of Gilead, Balm Of Gileadites Gilead, Mount Gilgal Giloh Gilonite Gilonite, The Gimel Gimzo Gin Ginath Ginnetho Ginnethoi; Ginnethon Ginnethon Gird Girdle Girgashite Girgashites Girgasite, The Girl Girt Girzites Gishpa Gispa Gittah-hepher Gittah-Hepher Gittaim Gittite Gittites Gittith Give Giving Gizonite Gizonites, The Gizrites Glad Tidings Glass Glass, Sea Of Glean Gleaning Glede Glie-adites, The Glistering Glitter; Glittering Glorification Glorify Glorious Glory Glossolalia Glowing, Sand Glutton Glutton; Gluttonous Gnash Gnat Gnosticism Go Goad Goah; Goath Goat Goath Goat, Scape Goats' Hair Goatskins Gob Goblet God God, 1 God, 2 God, 3 God, Children Of Goddess Godhead God, Image Of Godless Godliness Godliness; Godly Godly, Godliness God, Name of God, Names of God, Names Of God, Presence of Gods Gods and Goddesses, Pagan God, Son (Sons) Of Godspeed God speed God, Strange God, The Father God, The Unknown Goel Gog Goiim Going; Goings Golan Golan; Gaulonitis Gold Golden calf Golden Calf Golden City Golden Number Golden Rule Goldsmith Golgotha Goliath Gomer Gomorrah Good Good, Chief Good, Goodness Goodliness Goodly Goodly trees Goodly Trees Goodman Goodness Goodness of God Goods Gopher Gopher Wood Gore Gorgeous; Gorgeously Gorget Gorgias Gortyna Goshen Gospel Gospel According To The Hebrews Gospels Gospels Of The Childhood Gospels, Spurious Gospels, The Synoptic Gothic, Version Gotholias Gothoniel Gourd Gourd, Wild Government Government of God Governments Governor Goyim Gozan Graba Grace Grace, means of Gracious Graecia Graft Grain Grain Offering Granary Grape Grapes Grapes, Wild Grasp Grass Grasshopper Grate Grate; Grating Gratitude Grave Grave; Graving Gravel Graven Graven image Graving Gravity Gray Grease Great; Greatness Greatness Greaves Grecian Grecians Grecians; Greeks Greece Greece; Graecia Greece, Greeks, Grecians Greece, Religion In Ancient Greece, Sons Of Greek Greek Language Greeks Greek Versions Green; Greenish Greeting Greyhound Grief; Grieve Grief, Grieving Grievance Grievous; Grievously; Greievousness Grind Grinder Grinding Grisled Grisled; Grizzled Grizzled Groan Gross Ground; Grounded Grove Grudge Guard Guard at Eden's Entrance Guardian Gudgodah Guest Guest-chamber Guest-Chamber Guide Guile Guilt Guiltless Guilt Offering Guilty Gulf Guni Guni; Gunites Gunites, The Gur Gur-baal Gur-Baal Gur; The Ascent, Of Gutter Gymnasium Galatians, The Epistle to the The Goat Great Commission, the